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Public Limited Company

Governed by the provisions of the Indian Companies Act, 2013, a Public Limited Company is formed by the association of persons with a minimum paid up capital of 5 lakh rupees. Transferability of shares has no restriction. The company can invite public for subscription of shares and debentures. The term public limited is added to its name at the time of incorporation,

The minimum number of members required to start a public limited company is seven, the principal reason for choosing a public company is to have the ability to offer shares to the public.

Document Required:


  • KYC- Voter’s ID/ Passport/ Driver’s License
  • Passport- sized photographs
  • PAN Cards of all Directors
  • Address Proof -Latest Bank Statement/ Telephone or Mobile Bill
  • Registered Address Proof- Electricity Bill along with Rental Agreement or Sale Deed or any other ownership proof of proposed registered office.

Steps to set up a Public Limited Company


  • Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)*
  • Obtain Director Identification Number
  • Check for Name Availability
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Obtain Certificate of Commencement of Business
  • MOA and AOA
  • PAN and TAN Application


What's included?


  • Filing of E-forms with the Registrar of Companies (ROC)
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): 2 nos
  • Name approval with RUN (Reserve Unique Name)
  • Filing of SPICe form
  • Drafting MoA and AoA of company
  • Issue of Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN and TAN application
  • Filing of SPICe form
  • Includes govt fees and stamp duty for authorized capital up to Rs 1 lacs.


  • Separate Legal Entity
  • Limited Liability
  • Fund Raising
  • Easy transfer of Shares
  • Perpetual existence
  • Credibility and Trust


Difference between Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies?

 Point of Difference

Private Limited Company  Public Limited Company
Transferability of Shares

Shares cannot be issued to the Public

The shares can be issued to the public
Minimum and Maximum Members Minimum - 2 Maximum - 200 Minimum - 7 Maximum - unlimited
Minimum Directors 2 directors 3 directors
Minimum Paid-up Capital 2 lacs 5 lacs
Minimum Subscription Can allot shares without completing minimum subscription. Cannot allot shares without completing minimum subscription.
Certificate of Commencement of Business Not Required Required
Invitation to public Not allowed Allowed
Issue of Prospectus Not Required Mandatory
Term used at the end of the name Private Limited Limited
Statutory meeting Not Mandatory Mandatory
Managerial Remuneration Cannot increase 11 percent of Net Profit. No Restriction

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